Art-Law Centre




The Centre regularly organizes symposia and seminars regarding current art law topics. Internationally renowned academics and specialists of the art world participate. By inviting specialists from different backgrounds, the Centre achieves its goal of providing a fruitful and interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge through the legal and artistic experiences of both the speakers and the audience.

The Centre also participates to many eventsorganised by other institutions.



Teaching in art law has multiplied with the establishment at the beginning of the fall semester 2012-2013 of the UNESCO Chair in international cultural heritage law under the supervision of Professor Marc-André Renold. A general course titled "Art Law and Cultural Property: Swiss aspects, comparative and international" is open to students at the Faculty of Law on a Bachelor level, in the course of the Certificate in Transnational Law (CDT) and to exchange students. Moreover, a more specific course entitled "The law of archeology and museums: Swiss and International Aspects" is aimed at students of the Faculty of Arts. International law aspects in art and cultural property are elaborated in the context of a course given to students in Law or Arts during the spring semester.

Semester plan: spring semester 2020

Since 2013 the Centre organizes a Summer School with a view to offering an overview of the international and comparative law for the protection of cultural heritage to upper year undergraduates, Master’s degree students, PhD students from law and all other faculties, including art history, archaeology and anthropology, as well as to practitioners, non-specialists and art enthusiasts.

En 2016, the Swiss Study Foundation invited the Art-Law Centre to organize a Summer academy on art law , which took place at the Chateau de Bossey, from 4 to 10 september 2016

The Centre also regularly participates in teaching of art historians and in post-graduate education programmes in Switzerland and abroad.